About BLM Photography

BLM Photography embraces lifestyle photography.  We’re not a portrait factory. Each family, individual, child or pet who is photographed is done so on an individual basis with different looks and different locations to bring our their real beauty and true personality & individuality.

Our goal is to tell a story…the story of your family. Who you are today, right now, in this moment. We believe that photography should be fun and feel natural. Having your pictures taken shouldn’t be about having perfect outfits and kids that smile angelically.  Your kids are at this age only once and sometimes that means they won’t sit still and smile…and thats okay!!!  Silly 3 year olds are allowed (and encouraged) to be silly. Moody teenagers are never asked to say cheese.  Don’t want to pose in front of a fireplace? We won’t ask you to. We’ll let them have fun, play and be themselves. THAT makes for great photos! So if you’re looking for a photographer to capture the true spirit of your family, we’re going to be a great fit!




Brie and Layla Color_Web2

I’m Brie, the owner & main photographer at BLM Photography.  If you’re reading this, you’re on your way to having some fantastic new pictures!

BLM Photography is an on-location studio located in Peterborough, NH that captures classic & timeless images of you, your event or your family.

I completely understand the precious value of custom photographs.  Time flies and before you know it, your baby is walking, your little ones have big teeth that fill the gaps that once caused an adorable lisp and the training wheels disappear.

Whether you’re just starting your family, up to your ears in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or sending your teenagers off to college….I’m here to help capture the moments you’ll be looking back on for a lifetime.



When you book a portrait session with BLM Photography, you’re making an investment in the future.  The photographs you receive will be a timeless treasure for you and an incredible keepsake for your children & generations to come.

Whatever season of your life you’re in, it’s time to CAPTURE IT!