Sarah & Kyle Engagement

 May 27, 2013

One Hell of an Engagement Session…….

is the only way I can describe these 2! I can’t get over how GORGEOUS these pictures came out.  Sarah & Kyle are one of the most beautiful, fun couples that I have ever met. Sarah approached me about photographing their engagement session, believe it or not based on my motorsports photography.  She wanted to take photos with their dirtbikes and turn that into an idea for engagement session…JUST my cup of tea!!! As most of you know getting our men to dress up and smile for a photo session is like nailing jello to the wall so when Sarah approached me with this idea I thought “WHAT A GENIUS GIRLFRIEND” your boyfriend may not want to dress up for some stranger with a camera but….ask him to put on his dirtbike gear and go ride in a pit and get professional pictures done and he says where do I sign???  Kyle was a GREAT sport about getting beautiful, dressed up engagement pictures first knowing that he got to get dirtbike pictures done afterwards. Check out this whole post for some truly original and stunning engagement photos.

My sister even came along to assist and took a few photos of me shooting…Thanks Lauren!





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Sarah & Kyle Engagement photos

 Kyle&Sarah-3 Kyle&Sarah-4 Kyle&Sarah-5

20130527_172249 Kyle&Sarah-6 Kyle&Sarah-7 Kyle&Sarah-8 Kyle&Sarah-9 Kyle&Sarah-10 Kyle&Sarah-11 Kyle&Sarah-12 Kyle&Sarah-13 Kyle&Sarah-14 Kyle&Sarah-15 Kyle&Sarah-16 Kyle&Sarah-17 Kyle&Sarah-18


Kyle&Sarah-19 Kyle&Sarah-20 Kyle&Sarah-21 Kyle&Sarah-22 Kyle&Sarah-23 Kyle&Sarah-24 Kyle&Sarah-25 Kyle&Sarah-26 Kyle&Sarah-27 Kyle&Sarah-28 Kyle&Sarah-29 Kyle&Sarah-30 Kyle&Sarah-31 Kyle&Sarah-32 Kyle&Sarah-33 Kyle&Sarah-34 Kyle&Sarah-35 Kyle&Sarah-36 Kyle&Sarah-37 Kyle&Sarah-38 Kyle&Sarah-39 Kyle&Sarah-40 Kyle&Sarah-41 Kyle&Sarah-42 Kyle&Sarah-43 Kyle&Sarah-44 Kyle&Sarah-45 Kyle&Sarah-46 Kyle&Sarah-47 Kyle&Sarah-48 Kyle&Sarah-49 Kyle&Sarah-50 Kyle&Sarah-51 Kyle&Sarah-52 Kyle&Sarah-53 Kyle&Sarah-54 Kyle&Sarah-55 Kyle&Sarah-56 Kyle&Sarah-57 Kyle&Sarah-58 Kyle&Sarah-59 Kyle&Sarah-60 Kyle&Sarah-61 Kyle&Sarah-62 Kyle&Sarah-63 Kyle&Sarah-64 Kyle&Sarah-65 Kyle&Sarah-66 Kyle&Sarah-67 Kyle&Sarah-68 Kyle&Sarah-69 Kyle&Sarah-70 Kyle&Sarah-71 Kyle&Sarah-72 Kyle&Sarah-73 Kyle&Sarah-74 Kyle&Sarah-75 Kyle&Sarah-76 Kyle&Sarah-77 Kyle&Sarah-78


Sarah & Kyle
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